Monday, February 04, 2013

Housing to drive economic growth (finally!)

The title of the article basically says it all: housing, which has been the scapegoat of the economy for the past 5 years, is now poised to “lift us out of the doldrums.”

Most of the article is the same stuff we’re heard a lot recently. Interest rates are lower than ever, prices are steadily rising, etc. But what’s adding even more fuel to the fire is the shortage of inventory in the marketplace--too much demand for housing, not enough properties to go around.

This of course drives new construction, which in turn creates more jobs and demand for appliances and general consumption.

This is GREAT news for people looking to sell their own homes. There’s more opportunity to list right now than there’s been in years which so few houses on the market.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Twin Cities' Central Corridor attracts $1.2 billion in real estate development

This week one of the more interesting articles regarding real estate in the Twin Cities comes from none other than Progressive Railroading, a site devoted to railroading professionals. Naturally. The Twin Cities’ Central Corridor light-rail route is scheduled to begin carrying passengers in 2014. The line, which runs west-east from Target Field Station to Downtown St. Paul, has attracted a lot of attention from developers.

Over $1.2 billion in developments are already underway, and in December the Metropolitan Council awarded development grants to continue “to spur job growth, housing and economic development along the corridor.”

This is great news for the real estate market in the metro Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Major upgrades like the Central Corridor can revitalize or add to a lot of area in a short amount of time.

Full Article Here

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 Positive Outlook

The outlook for real estate in 2013 is positive, and these two articles are just a sample of the evidence. In November 2012, prices in the Twin Cites were up almost 17% from what they were the year before. Per the article, “The median sale price for the entire Twin Cities' region was $173,000, up 16.9 percent from $148,000 a year ago.”

Even the national median, which takes into account markets not as strong as Minnesota's, is forecasting growth throughout 2013. This article from CNN points out the projected improvements, while providing a few simple pieces of advice for those looking to buy or sell their home.

Home prices are up, home sales are up, iterest rates are incredibly low and 2013 is looking even better than 2012 (which was a very strong year).

The important trend is making itself obvious: the real estate market is on the move again.

Twin Cities home prices, sales up in November

Real estate: Find opportunity next year

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Deed Scam

Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is warning consumers not to be duped by a company that’s offering homeowners copies of their property deeds for an exorbitant price - in some cases more than 40 times the price consumers would pay if they were to purchase the same copies themselves at their county offices.

The company, Deed Retrieval Department (which also does business as Deed Retrieval Services and Record Retrieval Department), has been sending Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners letters that appear to be a bill for $87 from the U.S. government for a property deed. However, despite the fact that it looks official, it's not a bill nor is it from the U.S. government. The letter says, "Why do we believe you need a copy of your current Grant Deed and Property Profile? State Record Regulation Department recommends that all U.S. homeowners obtain a copy of their current Grant Deed." At the bottom, the letter states that the "product or service is not endorsed by any government agency." However, the BBB believes that consumers may overlook this fine print.

"In most cases, homeowners don't even need a copy of the deed to their home," said BBB President and CEO Dana Badgerow. "And if you want a copy, we advise against paying $87 to this firm or any other when you can get one for a fraction of that price from your local County Clerk's or Register of Deed’s office."

Letters from Deed Retrieval Department list an address in Champlin, Minnesota – which is a UPS Store. The company, operating under different names, also claims two additional addresses in Wisconsin; a Milwaukee address and a Madison address, both of which are UPS stores. It's likely that mail sent to any of these boxes is forwarded out of state. An alert has been added to the company's BBB Business Review, informing consumers about the BBB’s concerns regarding this company and their marketing tactics.

Consumers who receive questionable offers or have concerns about mailings that appear to be official or have governmental ties, are encouraged to contact the BBB at 1-800-646-6222.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HCPUNKREALTOR.COM is a proud sponsor of OUT OF STEP RADIO!!!
Out of Step is a podcast based in Minneapolis, MN that plays the best in punk, hardcore, garage, and all the other subgenres of punk rock. The show is an effort by volunteers who love the music and want to spread the word about awesome bands.

Out of Step started in 2000 on the Minneapolis college radio station, Radio K. In that time we've had hundreds of guest DJs and bands on the show including Off with Their Heads, Bodies Lay Broken, Dillinger 4, Banner Pilot, Getting Even, Soviettes, Goddamn Doo Wop Band, Pandamonium, Youth Brigade, Against Me, Hope You Choke, the Dwarves, Nobunny, Paul Collin's Beat, Regulations and tons more.

After 10 years on Radio K, the show moved to a podcast on July 3rd, 2011 to better be able to serve the punk rock audience near and far from Minneapolis and continue to promote punk rock music.

Go to or the iTunes store to subscribe!

Friday, April 15, 2011

GRINDCORE SUNDAY!!! Tune into Radio K am770 this Sunday. I'll be guest DJing a one hour g-core set from 2-3.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Questions with Jason Aronen

Jason just turned 40! More 40 year olds should be active in the hardcore scene. He's been in many great bands over the years, was a long time extreme noise volunteer, show booker, etc. Recently he got popped in the eye while singing at a basement show. Sweet. (thanks for the photo Adam DeGross, and the Cro-Mags one too)

1) What town / neighborhood do you live in, why did you choose to live there?
Northeast Minneapolis. NE is a great area that is close to everything and still has a nice quiet neighborhood feeling to it.

2) What type/style of home do you live in?
It's a mid-century ranch style with a tuck-under garage. And has an amazing finished basement with tongue-in-groove knotty pine paneling, which makes it feel like you are in a cabin up north. The basement is what sold me on it.

3) What made you choose to buy when you did?
We bought just before getting married and my wife who did not own a house was able to take advantage of the tax rebate.

4) What do you like most and least about home ownership?
Most is the sense of pride that comes with owning a home. It's a great feeling knowing it's yours.
Least is that when something breaks you are the one to get it fixed.

5) What sort of projects have you taken on with your home?
We were quite lucky with this house that all we have done are cosmetic changes like painting. It's in great shape. Our next big project is tearing up all the carpet because there are perfect hardwood floors underneath.

6) What bands have you been in / are currently in and what instrument?
I have been the singer in Anchor (I think we played 5 or 6 shows), Article 184 (only played a couple of shows), Killsadie, The Real Enemy, Bodies Lay Broken, Hope You Choke and currently Getting Even.

7) What was the last great show you went to?
Cro Mags last summer. Did a lot of stage dives at an age when I shouldn't.

8) Do you have a favorite record in your collection / one you'd never sell?
I have sold a lot over the years and am down to more or less what I will always keep. All the Converge, American Nightmare and all the Rev youth crew stuff I will always hold onto.

9) What was the last great record you bought?
I mainly listen to a lot of comedy podcasts these days (comedy deathray, Pod F. Tompkast, Adam Carrola, Doug Loves Movies, etc) that takes up more space on my ipod. But I really like the new Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Blacklisted, Fucked Up, Integrity, Ceremony. I wish Cold World would put out another record.

10) Any suggestions to someone thinking about buying their first house?
Look at a LOT of houses. It sounds weird, but you will know the house that is for you when you see it. But really look at a lot of them. Get a feel for what is out there. You may think you know what you want and then see some that will completely change your mind on what you like. And maybe Steve will have a 5 Star playlist for you to listen to while driving around.